No holes blocking parts of the yard

Afraid to drill holes near your pool? Don’t want to deal with the cost of putting up and maintaining a permanent fence? Wish there was some way to only have a fence when you needed it? There is with Guardian’s No Holes Portable Pool Fence! A pool fence that’s portable and doesn’t require drilling into the ground.

But if you’re still “on the fence” about your choice, then check out these reasons why the No Holes Portable Pool Fence is the best choice for you:

  • Extended lifespan
    • Unless you’re planning to host pool parties year-round, it’s doubtful you’ll need your pool during the colder seasons. Snowy weather can take a real toll on the lifespan of your fence if it is unable to be removed. With Guardian’s Portable Pool fence, you only have a fence when you’re using the pool and it can be removed during the autumn and winter months, reducing the chances of rust and extending your fence’s years of usability.
  • Cost
    • The cost of maintaining a pool is enough to worry about without the purchase and installation costs of a permanent fence. With Guardian’s Portable Fence, the cost of owning and installing a pool fence is severely reduced. The fence can be assembled very simply by just about anyone and there are no installation teams or costs for you to worry about. With a short and simple installation process, it’s DIY at its finest!
  • Flexibility
    • One of the most common and most important reasons you would purchase a pool fence is to prevent children and/or pets from falling into your pool. Too many children have tragically drowned because of accidents involving unsupervised conduct around pools that aren’t fenced. But what if you only have children around your pool occasionally? Or if you plan to remove your fence once your children are old enough to know proper safety around your pool? Well, a sturdy, temporary fence can help you there. You can install it when you need to for some dependable pool safety and store it when it’s no longer needed.  Also if you happen to share the pool as a renter, this fence can be a good investment if you’d rather not get into a confrontation with your landlord.


As you can see, Guardian’s No Holes Portable Pool Fence is a flexible, long-lasting, cost-efficient investment. One you won’t regret purchasing for all of your pool safety needs!