Guardian Pool Fence Systems has been bringing you the best mesh pool fences for over 30 years. We are a family company, manufacturing our fences in Van Nuys, California

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Industry Leader

Guardian’s CEO, Steven Sadinsky, began working in the mesh pool fence industry as a dealer in 1988. With experience as a licensed contractor and father, Steve naturally developed new ways to improve the standard mesh pool fence. In 1995 he was able to bring his inventions to life when he founded Guardian Pool Fence Systems. Through Steve’s designs and patents, the mesh pool fence industry was introduced to new safety and customer-demanded features which secured Guardian’s place at the top of the mesh pool fence industry.

Guardian is sold by dealers around the world but remains a family business. Our products are made in the United States. Steve has been a pioneer in the development of today’s safest and strongest removable mesh fences and he now works closely with his son, Adam Sadinsky, who is just as excited to contribute to pool safety and Guardian’s continuous growth. Together, they continue making strides in the mesh pool fence industry and work to ensure Guardian Pool Fence Systems remains the safest mesh pool fence on the market.


About The No Holes Pool Fence

Whether you’re a renter, only have children visit occasionally, or you simply don’t want to drill holes in your deck, we have engineered a solution for you.


  • PATENTED: U.S. PAT# 8,919,741B2 2015, June – Patent granted for No Holes Pool Fence System
  • REMOVABLE: this fencing can be easily taken down when not in use. Pool fences that have to stay up during bad weather are quickly worn down and susceptible to rust and corrosion. With a no-holes fence, you can take the fence down during off-seasons to prolong its lifespan.
  • PORTABLE: One of the most important reasons to get a no-holes fence is to prevent accidents. What happens when the kids get older and you no longer need the fence? You can sell it or give it away. Or what if you are moving to a property where the landlord does not want a fence? Take it with you!
  • COST: Pool maintenance can be expensive and this includes fence installation. With a no-holes fence, you can assemble yourself hence save some money. However, you must note you are buying two systems, the bases themselves and the fence. Our No Holes Pool Fence is unique, you won’t find it anywhere else.
  • EASY INSTALLATION: our pool fences are designed specifically for EASY INSTALLATION, perfect for customers who love do-it-yourself projects.